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Monday, October 12, 2015

F + A story : Marriage life

It's been awhile since my last post.

That means 5 months I've been away from blogging world. I'm still blogwalking, though. When I write this, me and Fit are already 8 months in marriage while I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Just a few weeks to go, that's less than 2 months. Time seem to move so quickly. When we found out about my pregnancy, he got the call to go outstation until now. Long distance is painful. But I can bear with it. Fortunately the baby is doing great too. Alhamdulillah. :)

In early September we started busy preparing baby stuff. We went to Mom and Baby Expo in Mid Valley and bought almost everything there. However, I decided to diy the baby mattress set ; 2 pcs of standard pillow, 2 pcs of infant pillow size, 1 mattress, 4 bolsters and a blanket. Many thanks to my MIL for teaching me how to use the Singer sewing machine. It was all happen coincidently when she bought a new portable machine. She asked the Singer technician to repair the manual machine at the cost of RM50. Then MIL asked me to learn the basics for about an hour. It's not that easy but its fun when you sew for someone special! Thats how the feeling :) Ahhh baby, Ummi has a big plan for you already. I'm too excited and many things are on the list now.

My very first basic sewing skills with the antic sewing machine. Hehe
Ehhem. After kekabu filling :)

May Allah ease everything for us. I'll share my wonderful pregnancy moment in later post.

Allahu mustaan. :)

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